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True Barbecue

BBQ Tips & Techniques Main Dishes American Food BBQ Food The Great American Cooking Tradition Written by Derrick Riches Regarding BBQ, Inc. The debate over the origin of American Barbecue is one that will probably never be resolved. By defining barbecue as a process by which meat is slow cooked over a low fire with smoke opens up the history of barbecue to prehistoric times. As to who gets to claim the origin of American Barbecue, well, wars have been fought over less. First of All, Let's Separate Grilling From Smoking While they may appear similar in equipment and techniques they are very different ways of cooking. Grilling is a hot and fast cooking process, and while you can get the...

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Spare Ribs Overview

A rose, is a rose, is a rose, according to Shakespeare. When it comes to ribs, though, there are many differences between types worth knowing. If you are or plan to be more than just a casual griller, this is seriously need-to-know information.

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